DancingBirds by shapiro500

Flamingos and penguins on batteries bouncing on 120 beats per minute.

shapiro500 is making his debut on the label with this awesome pack of loops. Wondering what's gonna be next.

Audio by DreamReaper

DacingBirds_1 DacingBirds_10 DacingBirds_11 DacingBirds_12 DacingBirds_13 DacingBirds_14 DacingBirds_15 DacingBirds_16 DacingBirds_17 DacingBirds_18 DacingBirds_19 DacingBirds_2 DacingBirds_20 DacingBirds_21 DacingBirds_22 DacingBirds_3 DacingBirds_4 DacingBirds_5 DacingBirds_6 DacingBirds_7 DacingBirds_8 DacingBirds_9

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Pattern_2 4k

Humans are amazing pattern-recognition machines.


Light is meaningful only in relation to darkness.


This pack is just perfection. 80 loops of abstract imagery, yet it has a distinct and recognisable style. Orange and cyan is just the best colour scheme, and the loops have a beautiful sense of depth. The animation is highly rhythmical yet easily mixable.


It's a new morning in Polygonia. Fresh. Vital. We follow the information super highway and leap wire framed buildings in a single bound. We're optimistic as to what becomes of it all.

Made by shapiro500

Gavin Shapiro (shapiro500) is a 3D designer/animator currently working as a Motion Design Director at R/GA in New York. His ultimate goal is to produce work that makes you smile, and these days he aims to do that by making vibrant, surrealist 3D animation that doesn't take itself too seriously but still retains a high level of quality. He's lived and worked in Osaka and Paris, working on a large variety of projects including tv shows, commercials, outdoor displays, large-format stage visuals, and animations for casino games.


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