DisplacedTerrains by Catmac

Full screen loops made using displacement maps generated with procedural textures.

If the technical details don't interest you that much, here's a bunch of good looking loops.

Audio by Beau Deeley

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  • 39 video clips
DisplacedTerrains_01 DisplacedTerrains_02 DisplacedTerrains_03 DisplacedTerrains_04 DisplacedTerrains_05 DisplacedTerrains_06 DisplacedTerrains_07 DisplacedTerrains_08 DisplacedTerrains_09 DisplacedTerrains_10 DisplacedTerrains_11 DisplacedTerrains_12 DisplacedTerrains_13 DisplacedTerrains_14 DisplacedTerrains_15 DisplacedTerrains_16 DisplacedTerrains_17 DisplacedTerrains_18 DisplacedTerrains_19 DisplacedTerrains_20 DisplacedTerrains_21 DisplacedTerrains_22 DisplacedTerrains_23 DisplacedTerrains_24 DisplacedTerrains_25 DisplacedTerrains_26 DisplacedTerrains_27 DisplacedTerrains_28 DisplacedTerrains_29 DisplacedTerrains_30 DisplacedTerrains_31 DisplacedTerrains_32 DisplacedTerrains_33 DisplacedTerrains_34 DisplacedTerrains_35 DisplacedTerrains_36 DisplacedTerrains_37 DisplacedTerrains_38 DisplacedTerrains_39

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HallucinoGene is a psychedelic trip of strangely morphing alien tunnels and pulsing abstract machinery. Guaranteed to give you acid flashes straight to the back of Ken Kesey’s magic bus.


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Made by Catmac

VJ Catmac decided to discontinue his doctoral studies in the Psychology of Perception in order to immediately begin generating visual material and share his passion with those who attend his sessions.

He began in 2007 by projecting visuals at night onto the buildings adjacent to his Madrid studio, to the great surprise of the people passing by. Thereafter, he began touring the scene in Madrid, performing at underground events and at private parties. VJ Catmac has also worked on small and large-scale 3D-Mapping projects, but he has dedicated most of his time specializing in the creation of a personal visual language. This unconventional project retains all the elements necessary in order to elicit the esoteric synergy between image, movement and sound.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.