FractalGold by Julius Horsthuis Fractals B.V.  

Fractals look different every time you look at them. Like looking at yourself in the mirror.

A self-replicating algorithm in a genetic matrix universe resulted from the existential tension created by the artist’s desire for self-knowledge.


More 3d & alien & fractal & trippy Style

This pack is like a sci-fi movie with no ending.

Light and dark loops that you can seamlessly mix between.

Something to make you happy.

More by Julius Horsthuis Fractals B.V.

Julius Horsthuis is back with a message from the outer world.

10 "Day" clips and 10 "Night" clips that you can seamlessly mix between.

This pack is our proof that alien gardeners exist.

Made by Julius Horsthuis Fractals B.V.

Julius Horsthuis (Amsterdam, 1980) is a Visual Effects designer and Fractal artist.

Julius developed a love for film and video at the age of 12.

In 2014, Julius started experimenting with Fractal Environments. As a Fractal Artist, he has created Fractal short films, and Immersive Experiences, which have been exhibited in galleries and film festivals around the world, such as the IX symposium in the Satosphere in Montréal, the Cineglobe film festival in CERN and the Geneva Tous Ecrans festival.

Online, Julius' fractal art has been picked up or covered by international blogs such as The Creators Project, Motionographer, and the Vimeo Staff picks. His experimental Virtual Reality experiences featured on the Oculus Rift website upon release, and became some of the best rated VR-experiences on the site.


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