FutureTribe by STV in Motion

This pack is just perfection. 80 loops of abstract imagery, yet it has a distinct and recognisable style. Orange and cyan is just the best colour scheme, and the loops have a beautiful sense of depth. The animation is highly rhythmical yet easily mixable.

And above all, it’s made ready for layering by its clever use of alpha. If there was a Resolume Staff pick, this would be it.

FutureTribe_01 FutureTribe_02 FutureTribe_03 FutureTribe_04 FutureTribe_05 FutureTribe_06 FutureTribe_07 FutureTribe_08 FutureTribe_09 FutureTribe_10 FutureTribe_11 FutureTribe_12 FutureTribe_13 FutureTribe_14 FutureTribe_15 FutureTribe_16 FutureTribe_17 FutureTribe_18 FutureTribe_19 FutureTribe_20 FutureTribe_21 FutureTribe_22 FutureTribe_23 FutureTribe_24 FutureTribe_25 FutureTribe_26 FutureTribe_27 FutureTribe_28 FutureTribe_29 FutureTribe_30 FutureTribe_31 FutureTribe_32 FutureTribe_33 FutureTribe_34 FutureTribe_35 FutureTribe_36 FutureTribe_37 FutureTribe_38 FutureTribe_39 FutureTribe_40 FutureTribe_41 FutureTribe_42 FutureTribe_43 FutureTribe_44 FutureTribe_45 FutureTribe_46 FutureTribe_47 FutureTribe_48 FutureTribe_49 FutureTribe_50 FutureTribe_51 FutureTribe_52 FutureTribe_53 FutureTribe_54 FutureTribe_55 FutureTribe_56 FutureTribe_57 FutureTribe_58 FutureTribe_59 FutureTribe_60 FutureTribe_61 FutureTribe_62 FutureTribe_63 FutureTribe_64 FutureTribe_65 FutureTribe_66 FutureTribe_67 FutureTribe_68 FutureTribe_69 FutureTribe_70 FutureTribe_71 FutureTribe_72 FutureTribe_73 FutureTribe_74 FutureTribe_75 FutureTribe_76 FutureTribe_77 FutureTribe_78 FutureTribe_79 FutureTribe_80

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Made by STV in Motion

STV In Motion (aka Steve Kisilove) has been around since it all got digital. As a resident VJ in CREAM@AMNESIA, IBIZA and as a designer of moving projection screens for the CARLCOX@SPACE, IBIZA, he realized that it's all about getting the viewers (and himself) excited, over and over again, with always more fresh and unique content. For the past 12 years he has been performing all over the world, developing 3D projection screens and the fitting mapping software, creating unique content and spreading it around for the visual scene.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.