Galactucity by Kongfoo Motion 4K!

Buckle up for the most awesome intergalactic trip ever!

Forget about SpaceX, we like this version of the space travel better.

Audio by DreamReaper

Galactucity_1 Galactucity_10 Galactucity_11 Galactucity_12 Galactucity_13 Galactucity_14 Galactucity_15 Galactucity_16 Galactucity_17 Galactucity_18 Galactucity_19 Galactucity_2 Galactucity_20 Galactucity_21 Galactucity_22 Galactucity_23 Galactucity_24 Galactucity_25 Galactucity_26 Galactucity_27 Galactucity_28 Galactucity_29 Galactucity_3 Galactucity_30 Galactucity_4 Galactucity_5 Galactucity_6 Galactucity_7 Galactucity_8 Galactucity_9

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Made by Kongfoo Motion

Kongfoo Motion is a VJ, illustrator and motion designer based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

He tries to break up the more abstract, regular VJ content with his illustration skills, hitting the stages with more attractive and illustrative visual content. He also produces lyric videos for bands and DJs. Besides making content, he works on small and large scale mapping projects for many art festivals in Indonesia


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