MachineHead by Dumb Robot 4K!

Mechanoid and organoid. The best of both worlds.

Gorgeous pastel color scheme, design with an eye for detail, and a lovely psychedelic twist. Dumb Robot’s first release sets the bar high.

Audio by Miu

MachineHead_01 MachineHead_02 MachineHead_03 MachineHead_04 MachineHead_05 MachineHead_06 MachineHead_07 MachineHead_08 MachineHead_09 MachineHead_10 MachineHead_11 MachineHead_12 MachineHead_13 MachineHead_14 MachineHead_15 MachineHead_16 MachineHead_17 MachineHead_18 MachineHead_19 MachineHead_20 MachineHead_21 MachineHead_22 MachineHead_23 MachineHead_24 MachineHead_25 MachineHead_26 MachineHead_27 MachineHead_28 MachineHead_29 MachineHead_30 MachineHead_31 MachineHead_32 MachineHead_33 MachineHead_34 MachineHead_35 MachineHead_36

More 3d & trippy & technology Style


More real than real.


Icecream Jellyfishes, Mushroom Heads, Red Goopy Spiral and Purple Slug are sitting in a tree...


Julius Horsthuis is back with a message from the outer world.


The only thing better than the first Displace pack is the second Displace pack.

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Made by Dumb Robot

Dumb Robot is the mechanoid manifestations of Rob Pepler. At the age of 16 Rob started playing with lighting effects at early Acid House parties. The many years of Vjing on the planet surface, producing visuals for the inter-web and staring at fractal algorithms for hours has somewhat fried this android's logic circuits.

Rob has worked extensively with some of electronica's best underground producers and artists. He’s worked closely with the Glade Festival and Glastonbury Festival for a number of years. He produced one of the tracks on the world's first 3d view-able album Holotronica by Stuart Warren-Hill, as well as content for various visual labels around the world.


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