MetalGold by Studiogambargerak

If you like what you see put a ring on it.

Whoa, oh, oh, oh, oh-oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh (whoa, oh, oh)

Audio by Julian Gray

MetalGold_01 MetalGold_02 MetalGold_03 MetalGold_04 MetalGold_05 MetalGold_06 MetalGold_07 MetalGold_08 MetalGold_09 MetalGold_10 MetalGold_11 MetalGold_12 MetalGold_13 MetalGold_14 MetalGold_15 MetalGold_16 MetalGold_17 MetalGold_18 MetalGold_19 MetalGold_20 MetalGold_21 MetalGold_22 MetalGold_23 MetalGold_24 MetalGold_25 MetalGold_26 MetalGold_27 MetalGold_28 MetalGold_29 MetalGold_30 MetalGold_31 MetalGold_32 MetalGold_33 MetalGold_34 MetalGold_35 MetalGold_36 MetalGold_37 MetalGold_38 MetalGold_39 MetalGold_40 MetalGold_41 MetalGold_42 MetalGold_43 MetalGold_44 MetalGold_45 MetalGold_46 MetalGold_47 MetalGold_48 MetalGold_49 MetalGold_50

More 3d & glow & geometric Style


Full steam ahead! This is a story of an alternative future. A glimpse into a world where instead of electricity, steam became the dominant source of energy.

Barricade 4K!

Barricade your screens with these bpm synced loops.


Juicy and meaty colorful pack of loops.

TechnoTron Widescreen

Video2000 ups the ante for 2015 with highly detailed modeling, rhythmic animation and a mesmerizing play with light. This is sure going to move some heads.

Made by Studiogambargerak

Studio Gambar Gerak is a visual artist team based in Bali, Indonesia. Studio Gambar Gerak was formed at the end of 2017, consisting of several VJs who have been working for more than 10 years at several clubs, including the last as a resident at Skygarden Bali (#69 top100clubs 2019).

This team had the same passion to create new things and many works have been produced, especially 3D animation for projection mapping.
Until finally at the end of 2019, Studio Gambar Gerak was successfully named as Visual Artist of the Year by Hardrock FM - Paranoia Awards.


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