MicahBuzanBundle by Micah Buzan

A present like no other.

This complex pack covers themes like "space", "tunnels", "jelly fish", "eyes flow", "winter", "magic", "alien flowers" or "water. "

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  • 117 video clips
MicahBuzanBundle_001 MicahBuzanBundle_002 MicahBuzanBundle_003 MicahBuzanBundle_004 MicahBuzanBundle_005 MicahBuzanBundle_006 MicahBuzanBundle_007 MicahBuzanBundle_008 MicahBuzanBundle_009 MicahBuzanBundle_010 MicahBuzanBundle_011 MicahBuzanBundle_012 MicahBuzanBundle_013 MicahBuzanBundle_014 MicahBuzanBundle_015 MicahBuzanBundle_016 MicahBuzanBundle_017 MicahBuzanBundle_018 MicahBuzanBundle_019 MicahBuzanBundle_020 MicahBuzanBundle_021 MicahBuzanBundle_022 MicahBuzanBundle_023 MicahBuzanBundle_024 MicahBuzanBundle_025 MicahBuzanBundle_026 MicahBuzanBundle_027 MicahBuzanBundle_028 MicahBuzanBundle_029 MicahBuzanBundle_030 MicahBuzanBundle_031 MicahBuzanBundle_032 MicahBuzanBundle_033 MicahBuzanBundle_034 MicahBuzanBundle_035 MicahBuzanBundle_036 MicahBuzanBundle_037 MicahBuzanBundle_038 MicahBuzanBundle_039 MicahBuzanBundle_040 MicahBuzanBundle_041 MicahBuzanBundle_042 MicahBuzanBundle_043 MicahBuzanBundle_044 MicahBuzanBundle_045 MicahBuzanBundle_046 MicahBuzanBundle_047 MicahBuzanBundle_048 MicahBuzanBundle_049 MicahBuzanBundle_050 MicahBuzanBundle_051 MicahBuzanBundle_052 MicahBuzanBundle_053 MicahBuzanBundle_054 MicahBuzanBundle_055 MicahBuzanBundle_056 MicahBuzanBundle_057 MicahBuzanBundle_058 MicahBuzanBundle_059 MicahBuzanBundle_060 MicahBuzanBundle_061 MicahBuzanBundle_062 MicahBuzanBundle_063 MicahBuzanBundle_064 MicahBuzanBundle_065 MicahBuzanBundle_066 MicahBuzanBundle_067 MicahBuzanBundle_068 MicahBuzanBundle_069 MicahBuzanBundle_070 MicahBuzanBundle_071 MicahBuzanBundle_072 MicahBuzanBundle_073 MicahBuzanBundle_074 MicahBuzanBundle_075 MicahBuzanBundle_076 MicahBuzanBundle_077 MicahBuzanBundle_078 MicahBuzanBundle_079 MicahBuzanBundle_080 MicahBuzanBundle_081 MicahBuzanBundle_082 MicahBuzanBundle_083 MicahBuzanBundle_084 MicahBuzanBundle_085 MicahBuzanBundle_086 MicahBuzanBundle_087 MicahBuzanBundle_088 MicahBuzanBundle_089 MicahBuzanBundle_090 MicahBuzanBundle_091 MicahBuzanBundle_092 MicahBuzanBundle_093 MicahBuzanBundle_094 MicahBuzanBundle_095 MicahBuzanBundle_096 MicahBuzanBundle_097 MicahBuzanBundle_098 MicahBuzanBundle_099 MicahBuzanBundle_100 MicahBuzanBundle_101 MicahBuzanBundle_102 MicahBuzanBundle_103 MicahBuzanBundle_104 MicahBuzanBundle_105 MicahBuzanBundle_106 MicahBuzanBundle_107 MicahBuzanBundle_108 MicahBuzanBundle_109 MicahBuzanBundle_110 MicahBuzanBundle_111 MicahBuzanBundle_112 MicahBuzanBundle_113 MicahBuzanBundle_114 MicahBuzanBundle_115 MicahBuzanBundle_116 MicahBuzanBundle_117

More 2d & abstract & christmas & sexy & surreal Style


A pack of 30 stand alone full screen mad loops.

Grid 4K!

Ghosteam is teaching us a lesson with every new pack he's making.

Liquiform 4K!

Welcome to level 33 Particle Effect


The only thing better than the first Displace pack is the second Displace pack.

More by Micah Buzan


One-of-a-kind animations that will make your live visuals stand out!


Monochrome loops inspired by Inkblot pictures to hypnotize your audience.


Icecream Jellyfishes, Mushroom Heads, Red Goopy Spiral and Purple Slug are sitting in a tree...


The second bundle is here and it includes themes like:

Made by Micah Buzan

Micah Buzan is a self-taught animator who's music videos have been featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and The LA Times. After spending a few years animating flipbooks, in 2013 he produced the official music video for "Look..The Sun Is Rising" by psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips. Since then he's animated tour visuals and videos for bands such as Incubus, Moon Duo, and JJUU JJUU.

These animations are diligently drawn frame-by-frame, with a smooth fluidity that will amplify the creative potential in VJ sets.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.