MicahBuzanBundle2 by Micah Buzan

The second bundle is here and it includes themes like:

Spooks, UFO, Trippy, Cartoon Faces, Dreaming BG's, Light Energy and so on...

Audio by Elad Magdasi

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  • 112 video clips
MicahBuzanBundle2_01 MicahBuzanBundle2_02 MicahBuzanBundle2_03 MicahBuzanBundle2_04 MicahBuzanBundle2_05 MicahBuzanBundle2_06 MicahBuzanBundle2_07 MicahBuzanBundle2_08 MicahBuzanBundle2_09 MicahBuzanBundle2_10 MicahBuzanBundle2_100 MicahBuzanBundle2_101 MicahBuzanBundle2_102 MicahBuzanBundle2_103 MicahBuzanBundle2_104 MicahBuzanBundle2_105 MicahBuzanBundle2_106 MicahBuzanBundle2_107 MicahBuzanBundle2_108 MicahBuzanBundle2_109 MicahBuzanBundle2_11 MicahBuzanBundle2_110 MicahBuzanBundle2_111 MicahBuzanBundle2_112 MicahBuzanBundle2_12 MicahBuzanBundle2_13 MicahBuzanBundle2_14 MicahBuzanBundle2_15 MicahBuzanBundle2_16 MicahBuzanBundle2_17 MicahBuzanBundle2_18 MicahBuzanBundle2_19 MicahBuzanBundle2_20 MicahBuzanBundle2_21 MicahBuzanBundle2_22 MicahBuzanBundle2_23 MicahBuzanBundle2_24 MicahBuzanBundle2_25 MicahBuzanBundle2_26 MicahBuzanBundle2_27 MicahBuzanBundle2_28 MicahBuzanBundle2_29 MicahBuzanBundle2_30 MicahBuzanBundle2_31 MicahBuzanBundle2_32 MicahBuzanBundle2_33 MicahBuzanBundle2_34 MicahBuzanBundle2_35 MicahBuzanBundle2_36 MicahBuzanBundle2_37 MicahBuzanBundle2_38 MicahBuzanBundle2_39 MicahBuzanBundle2_40 MicahBuzanBundle2_41 MicahBuzanBundle2_42 MicahBuzanBundle2_43 MicahBuzanBundle2_44 MicahBuzanBundle2_45 MicahBuzanBundle2_46 MicahBuzanBundle2_47 MicahBuzanBundle2_48 MicahBuzanBundle2_49 MicahBuzanBundle2_50 MicahBuzanBundle2_51 MicahBuzanBundle2_52 MicahBuzanBundle2_53 MicahBuzanBundle2_54 MicahBuzanBundle2_55 MicahBuzanBundle2_56 MicahBuzanBundle2_57 MicahBuzanBundle2_58 MicahBuzanBundle2_59 MicahBuzanBundle2_60 MicahBuzanBundle2_61 MicahBuzanBundle2_62 MicahBuzanBundle2_63 MicahBuzanBundle2_64 MicahBuzanBundle2_65 MicahBuzanBundle2_66 MicahBuzanBundle2_67 MicahBuzanBundle2_68 MicahBuzanBundle2_69 MicahBuzanBundle2_70 MicahBuzanBundle2_71 MicahBuzanBundle2_72 MicahBuzanBundle2_73 MicahBuzanBundle2_74 MicahBuzanBundle2_75 MicahBuzanBundle2_76 MicahBuzanBundle2_77 MicahBuzanBundle2_78 MicahBuzanBundle2_79 MicahBuzanBundle2_80 MicahBuzanBundle2_81 MicahBuzanBundle2_82 MicahBuzanBundle2_83 MicahBuzanBundle2_84 MicahBuzanBundle2_85 MicahBuzanBundle2_86 MicahBuzanBundle2_87 MicahBuzanBundle2_88 MicahBuzanBundle2_89 MicahBuzanBundle2_90 MicahBuzanBundle2_91 MicahBuzanBundle2_92 MicahBuzanBundle2_93 MicahBuzanBundle2_94 MicahBuzanBundle2_95 MicahBuzanBundle2_96 MicahBuzanBundle2_97 MicahBuzanBundle2_98 MicahBuzanBundle2_99

More 3d & Alien & Trippy & Background Style


Caution: content is extremely hot!


Embrace darkness and unleash these visuals ideal for chill sets or blasting beats.


It's you against the world.


Buckle up for the most awesome intergalactic trip ever!

More by Micah Buzan


One-of-a-kind animations that will make your live visuals stand out!


Monochrome loops inspired by Inkblot pictures to hypnotize your audience.


Icecream Jellyfishes, Mushroom Heads, Red Goopy Spiral and Purple Slug are sitting in a tree...


A present like no other.

Made by Micah Buzan

Micah Buzan is a self-taught animator who's music videos have been featured on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and The LA Times. After spending a few years animating flipbooks, in 2013 he produced the official music video for "Look..The Sun Is Rising" by psychedelic rock band The Flaming Lips. Since then he's animated tour visuals and videos for bands such as Incubus, Moon Duo, and JJUU JJUU.

These animations are diligently drawn frame-by-frame, with a smooth fluidity that will amplify the creative potential in VJ sets.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.