NeonTak by Moving-Art By Lior Sadeh

I have a piece of advice for you. There's no champagne in the neon room.

There's no no tak like neontak.

Audio by Broken Joe

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  • 40 video clips
NeonTak_01 NeonTak_02 NeonTak_03 NeonTak_04 NeonTak_05 NeonTak_06 NeonTak_07 NeonTak_08 NeonTak_09 NeonTak_10 NeonTak_11 NeonTak_12 NeonTak_13 NeonTak_14 NeonTak_15 NeonTak_16 NeonTak_17 NeonTak_18 NeonTak_19 NeonTak_20 NeonTak_21 NeonTak_22 NeonTak_23 NeonTak_24 NeonTak_25 NeonTak_26 NeonTak_27 NeonTak_28 NeonTak_29 NeonTak_30 NeonTak_31 NeonTak_32 NeonTak_33 NeonTak_34 NeonTak_35 NeonTak_36 NeonTak_37 NeonTak_38 NeonTak_39 NeonTak_40

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Made by Moving-Art By Lior Sadeh

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At “ Lior Sadeh Studio”, we're not just storytellers; we're visual artists on a mission. Led by “Bezalel” graduate Lior Sadeh since 2005, our team crafts unique visual content, blending high art with cutting-edge technology.
From creative conception to post-production, we offer a seamless, end-to-end service. Our portfolio boasts partnerships with industry giants like IBM, Coca Cola, and Bank Hapoalim, along with collaborations with renowned artists such as Ninet and Mashina.

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