NormalGuy by VJ Galaxy

It's you against the world.

I thought I'm never going to say this, but I'm just a normal guy.

Audio by Ka:lu [MŎNɅDɅ 018]

NormalGuy_01 NormalGuy_02 NormalGuy_03 NormalGuy_04 NormalGuy_05 NormalGuy_06 NormalGuy_07 NormalGuy_08 NormalGuy_09 NormalGuy_10 NormalGuy_11 NormalGuy_12 NormalGuy_13 NormalGuy_14 NormalGuy_15 NormalGuy_16 NormalGuy_17 NormalGuy_18 NormalGuy_19 NormalGuy_20 NormalGuy_21 NormalGuy_22 NormalGuy_23 NormalGuy_24 NormalGuy_25

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