Pop-Aganda by Ican Agoesdjam

You might think we are making propaganda here, but the only 'ganda we like is pop-aganda.

Pop-aganda is colourful and good looking, but also brings to the table some relevant questions on today's agenda. For example, is the hegemonic power still used to maintain consent to the capitalist order?

Pop-Aganda_01 Pop-Aganda_05 Pop-Aganda_03 Pop-Aganda_02 Pop-Aganda_06 Pop-Aganda_04 Pop-Aganda_07 Pop-Aganda_08 Pop-Aganda_10 Pop-Aganda_09 Pop-Aganda_11 Pop-Aganda_13 Pop-Aganda_12 Pop-Aganda_14 Pop-Aganda_15 Pop-Aganda_16 Pop-Aganda_17 Pop-Aganda_18 Pop-Aganda_20 Pop-Aganda_21 Pop-Aganda_22 Pop-Aganda_19 Pop-Aganda_23 Pop-Aganda_25 Pop-Aganda_26 Pop-Aganda_27 Pop-Aganda_28 Pop-Aganda_29 Pop-Aganda_24 Pop-Aganda_30 Pop-Aganda_31 Pop-Aganda_32 Pop-Aganda_33 Pop-Aganda_35 Pop-Aganda_34 Pop-Aganda_36 Pop-Aganda_37 Pop-Aganda_39 Pop-Aganda_38 Pop-Aganda_40 Pop-Aganda_41 Pop-Aganda_43 Pop-Aganda_42 Pop-Aganda_45 Pop-Aganda_47 Pop-Aganda_44 Pop-Aganda_46 Pop-Aganda_48 Pop-Aganda_49 Pop-Aganda_51 Pop-Aganda_52 Pop-Aganda_50 Pop-Aganda_54 Pop-Aganda_53 Pop-Aganda_57 Pop-Aganda_56 Pop-Aganda_58 Pop-Aganda_55 Pop-Aganda_59 Pop-Aganda_61 Pop-Aganda_62 Pop-Aganda_60 Pop-Aganda_64 Pop-Aganda_63 Pop-Aganda_65 Pop-Aganda_66 Pop-Aganda_67 Pop-Aganda_68 Pop-Aganda_69 Pop-Aganda_71 Pop-Aganda_73 Pop-Aganda_74 Pop-Aganda_70 Pop-Aganda_75 Pop-Aganda_76 Pop-Aganda_72 Pop-Aganda_77 Pop-Aganda_79 Pop-Aganda_78 Pop-Aganda_80

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Made by Ican Agoesdjam

ican agoesdjam is a motion designer and visual jockey based in Jakarta, Indonesia. He starts VJing since 2006. || Website: www.rptv.co || Social Media: @agoesdjam @vjrptv


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