SilkScreenPrint by Lior Sadeh Studio

Silk-screen printing is one of the most popular printing techniques.

Silk-screen printing technique has been used for more than 100 years in the commercial and artistic sector mainly for printing images and designs on T-shirts, paper, wood, ceramics and other materials. This time, Pack Dima Gafanovich (one of the Lior Sadeh Studio's leading artists) is taking it to the next visual level: video loops.

Audio by Pixels on Space

SilkScreenPrint_1 SilkScreenPrint_10 SilkScreenPrint_11 SilkScreenPrint_12 SilkScreenPrint_13 SilkScreenPrint_14 SilkScreenPrint_15 SilkScreenPrint_16 SilkScreenPrint_17 SilkScreenPrint_18 SilkScreenPrint_19 SilkScreenPrint_2 SilkScreenPrint_20 SilkScreenPrint_21 SilkScreenPrint_22 SilkScreenPrint_23 SilkScreenPrint_24 SilkScreenPrint_25 SilkScreenPrint_26 SilkScreenPrint_27 SilkScreenPrint_28 SilkScreenPrint_29 SilkScreenPrint_3 SilkScreenPrint_30 SilkScreenPrint_4 SilkScreenPrint_5 SilkScreenPrint_6 SilkScreenPrint_7 SilkScreenPrint_8 SilkScreenPrint_9

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Made by Lior Sadeh Studio

Lior Sadeh is a Video Designer stationed in Tel-Aviv, Israel. A winner of numerous creative professional awards,
graduate of "Bezalel-School of Art & Design" and student exchange program in "Glasgow School of Art", Lior collaborates with artists from various fields: directors, designers, animators, painters and more.
One of the studio's creative secrets is the mixture of unexpected crafts and artistic talents; among the very diverse clientele: theaters, art venues, known brands & commercial companies, leading shows & artists.


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