Subconscious by Analog Recycling  

Analog Recycling is back! The original pixel gangstaz return with a glorious set of retro-chic visuals. Motion blurred circular patterns with an almost tangible analog feel to them.

Reach for the lasers and party like it’s 1999.

Audio by Riky Lopez


More Abstract Analog Style

Drawings turned into VJ loops.


Karaoke Apocalypse, for when the vibe seems a bit off.

Primal Eyes applies the tried and true urban art techniques of stencil and spraycan to minimal abstract VJ patterns. The result is both hypnotizing and refreshing at the same time.

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Made by Analog Recycling

The AnalogRecycling collective have done it all, from the smallest clubs with only 50 people on the dance floor to the biggest stadiums filled to the brim with over 50.000 people. From Amsterdam to Beijing they are analog people in a digital world.


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