TechnoTrip by MIKVIZ 4K!

A trip through the dark and gloomy underground.

Where the best parties are taking place.

Audio by Sephira

TechnoTrip_01 TechnoTrip_02 TechnoTrip_03 TechnoTrip_04 TechnoTrip_05 TechnoTrip_06 TechnoTrip_07 TechnoTrip_08 TechnoTrip_09 TechnoTrip_10 TechnoTrip_11 TechnoTrip_12 TechnoTrip_13 TechnoTrip_14 TechnoTrip_15 TechnoTrip_16 TechnoTrip_17 TechnoTrip_18 TechnoTrip_19 TechnoTrip_20 TechnoTrip_21 TechnoTrip_22 TechnoTrip_23 TechnoTrip_24 TechnoTrip_25 TechnoTrip_26 TechnoTrip_27 TechnoTrip_28 TechnoTrip_29 TechnoTrip_30 TechnoTrip_31 TechnoTrip_32 TechnoTrip_33

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Epilepsy warning!


150 loops? Now this is just getting silly.


If you like what you see put a ring on it.


The visual equivalent of a dance floor filler. GlobalNetwork is a LED screen killer. Needle sharp rendering, high contrast colours. This is how you rock high quality content at a high quality show. You need this.

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Think of the opposite of fresh and vital.

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If you don't wanna spin, but you want to strobe, you want to kaleidoscope...

Made by MIKVIZ

A motion graphic designer based in Bangalore, India. He loves creating visuals.


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.