Trilt by WTFlow

This pack is a banger that does well on any type of screen.

Trilt shows off WTFlow’s unique style with thick lines and a high contrast color scheme. Combine that with some hypnotic abstract geometry and you know you’re in for a winner.

Audio by Miss Smile & No Sugar

Trilt_01 Trilt_02 Trilt_03 Trilt_04 Trilt_05 Trilt_06 Trilt_07 Trilt_08 Trilt_09 Trilt_10 Trilt_11 Trilt_12 Trilt_13 Trilt_14 Trilt_15 Trilt_16 Trilt_17 Trilt_18 Trilt_19 Trilt_20 Trilt_21 Trilt_22 Trilt_23 Trilt_24 Trilt_25 Trilt_26 Trilt_27 Trilt_28 Trilt_29 Trilt_30 Trilt_31 Trilt_32 Trilt_33 Trilt_34 Trilt_35 Trilt_36 Trilt_37 Trilt_38 Trilt_39 Trilt_40

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EssentialSet 4K!

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Made by WTFlow

WTFlow aka Florian Michel was born in France and since he is 15 years old, he works every day of his life on live shows. He is a Light & Video Jockey every night in Queen NightClub in Paris. He always gives his best to improve himself in the creation of epic visuals, bringing the crowd deeper into new worlds!


This footage may only be used for live performances. It may not be recorded, broadcast or streamed on the internet. The live performance in which this footage is used CAN be recorded, broadscast or streamed. It may be copied to 2 computers maximum. Read the entire Resolume footage license. Contact us for alternative licenses.