Trinity by Ghosteam 4K!

Ghosteam goes all symbolic on this one.

What's your favourite interpretation of the trinity?

Audio by Elad Magdasi & Mathias Weber

Trinity_01 Trinity_02 Trinity_03 Trinity_04 Trinity_05 Trinity_06 Trinity_07 Trinity_08 Trinity_09 Trinity_10 Trinity_11 Trinity_12 Trinity_13 Trinity_14 Trinity_15 Trinity_16 Trinity_17 Trinity_18 Trinity_19 Trinity_20 Trinity_21 Trinity_22 Trinity_23 Trinity_24 Trinity_25 Trinity_26 Trinity_27 Trinity_28 Trinity_29 Trinity_30 Trinity_31 Trinity_32 Trinity_33 Trinity_34 Trinity_35 Trinity_36 Trinity_37 Trinity_38 Trinity_39 Trinity_40 Trinity_41 Trinity_42 Trinity_43 Trinity_44 Trinity_45 Trinity_46 Trinity_47 Trinity_48 Trinity_49 Trinity_50 Trinity_51 Trinity_52 Trinity_53 Trinity_54 Trinity_55

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Ghosteam is teaching us a lesson with every new pack he's making.

Made by Ghosteam

Ghosteam is a media production company, specializes in stock motion graphics, visual solutions and audio productions. Their visuals spread all around the globe in concerts, festivals & events.


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