VeiledValleys by Artificial Imagination

These valleys got layers deeper than an onion.

Unveil the mystery, but watch out for the hidden gems.

Audio by Beau Deeley

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  • 34 video clips
VeiledValleys_01 VeiledValleys_02 VeiledValleys_03 VeiledValleys_04 VeiledValleys_05 VeiledValleys_06 VeiledValleys_07 VeiledValleys_08 VeiledValleys_09 VeiledValleys_10 VeiledValleys_11 VeiledValleys_12 VeiledValleys_13 VeiledValleys_14 VeiledValleys_15 VeiledValleys_16 VeiledValleys_17 VeiledValleys_18 VeiledValleys_19 VeiledValleys_20 VeiledValleys_21 VeiledValleys_22 VeiledValleys_23 VeiledValleys_24 VeiledValleys_25 VeiledValleys_26 VeiledValleys_27 VeiledValleys_28 VeiledValleys_29 VeiledValleys_30 VeiledValleys_31 VeiledValleys_32 VeiledValleys_33 VeiledValleys_34

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The lonely city, the scariest thing in the world.

Made by Artificial Imagination

Founded by Delainy Jamahl, Artificial Imagination is a boutique motion design studio from Wellington, New Zealand. The studio focuses on immersive media design for location based experiences, concerts, stage shows and virtual productions.


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