Online Verification

Resolume will occasionally need to check if everything is still in order. It does this automatically every time you run Resolume on a computer with a working Internet connection. You won't even notice it.

If you run Resolume on an offline computer, it will want to phone home once every 30 days.

If Resolume cannot reach the Internet for 30 days, it will assume something is wrong and show the watermark.

That's a serious thing, so before that happens, we start warning you. 

After 14 days of no Internet, Resolume will start reminding you with a red message in the status bar at the bottom of the screen. With 3 days left, things are getting hairy and Resolume will remind you with a pop-up message during startup.

At this point, it's really time to go online for a few seconds while you restart Resolume.

But why?

"But Resolume, this is stupid. My machines never go online. Why do you this to me?"

In an ideal world, we could just trust people to not use our software unless they paid for it. That way, you wouldn't have to deal with license numbers and registrations at all. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works.

Long story short, the verification helps keep track of which computers your license is used on. It makes it easy for you to switch between computers or free up a crashed or lost computer.

On our side, making the license accessible online helps to reduce time spent on providing support to people that lost their computer or somehow cannot access their license for other reasons.

Everybody wins.


In the live industry, it's quite common to keep computers completely sealed off from evil driver updates and nasty system changes. Also, a lot of people use Resolume in fixed art installations without Internet access or a regular maintenance schedule.

For those cases, you can also register Resolume using a dongle. You can read more about that here.