Reporting a Bug

We all hate bugs, especially when they float in our soup but they also should not creep into our beds software. If you found a bug and know how to reproduce it then please use this template to describe it and then email it to us:


[very short description of the bug, don't spend too much time on this, the next step is the most important]

Steps to Reproduce

[this is the most important part, if we can not reproduce the bug then we can't fix it either]


What is the current bug behavior?

[describe what is going wrong here]

What is the expected behavior?

[describe how you think it should work, this is not always required, sometimes it's obvious like when it crashes]

Version, Platform

[Version: also include the revision number here. When you open the about screen and press CNTRL/Command + C the full version number including revision is copied to your clipboard so you can paste it here]

[Platform: macOS and/or Windows]

Relevant logs, screenshots, videos, compositions, files

[a picture says more than a thousand words, a video is even better but only when it shows clear steps and is short]

How to report a crash

If you encountered a Crash, that's also no good. A crash reporter dialog should pop up after Resolume crashed. On PC this should happen right away, on Mac, it should show when you start Resolume again.

It looks like this, and might hide behind your UI:

Don't forget to include your email address, so we know the report came form you, and we can reply and work on a solution ;)

Resolume Log File

Resolume creates a log file that contains very useful information that enables us to see what is going on under the hood. Please also send this to us, you can do this via the Feedback tab in the Preferences.

The actual text files can be found here:

  • Arena: %APPDATALOCAL%\Resolume Arena
  • Avenue: %APPDATLOCAL%\Resolume Avenue 
  • Alley: %APPDATALOCAL%\Resolume Alley 
  • Wire: %APPDATALOCAL%\Resolume Wire\Logs 

Bugs? Like, Actual Bugs?

Have you ever wondered why we use the term bugs in computers & software? Spoiler: Because one of the first ever bugs in a computer was an actual moth trapped in a relay of an electromechanical computer.

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