Undo is like a beautiful guardian angel that watches over you and keeps you from harm. We all know what UNDO/REDO are and how you use them.

But Resolume is still a live application, so you should know a few things about how undo works exactly. 

First of all, CTRL/CMD Z and CTRL/CMD-SHIFT Z work all the time, everywhere in Resolume. Not just the Advanced Output.

If you like to flaunt your newfound undo powers, you can also find buttons on the toolbar. The added advantage of having those visible is that you get a little message telling you what you undid.

What is undoable?

All actions you do with the mouse, either by moving a slider, clicking on a button or selecting something from a drop down or menu. Also drag actions like dragging in clips and effects and re-arranging clip, decks and layers can all be undone.

Basically any changes you make to the state of your composition are undoable and in turn redoable.

What is NOT undoable?

Resolume is still a live application, so any changes you make via MIDI, OSC or another form of external input are not undoable.

Also triggering a clip is not an undoable action. Once that big floppy penis clip goes on the screen, everybody's seen it and there's no going back.

Actions that happen automatically, like parameter automation and autopilot triggers, are not undoable either.


If you're in the heat of things, you may not remember the exact steps you did. That means you also might not remember what exactly you're about to undo.

So Resolume will help you at best it can to show you what you've undone. 

Let's say you deleted an effect from a clip. When you then press undo, Resolume will select that clip and show it in the clip panel. Even if you've switched to a different clip in the meantime. It will always try to show you the effect of the action you're undoing.

This goes as far as switching decks if the action happened in a different deck.

This might seem annoying, but the last thing we want is that you accidentally undo adding a bunch of clips, and not see that those clips are now gone because you were looking at a different deck when you pressed undo. Because that would suck.


Undo and Redo now work everywhere. In the advanced output and in the main interface.

It's good to know that these are all separated. Both undo histories remain available and undoable. They're just only accessible when you're in that part of the interface.

So when you have the advanced output open, pressing undo will only undo changes you've done there. It won't undo anything in the main interface. Of course, when you then close the advanced output and hit undo, you go back to undoing changes you've made in the main interface.

Again, this is to make sure you don't accidentally undo any changes you might not notice until later on.