Hi Wire!!

Welcome to Resolume Wire! 
Wire is our node based programming environment to accompany Resolume Arena & Avenue. Wire enables you to easily create new effects, sources and mixers. 
Your Wire projects (lovingly called patches) will integrate seamlessly into your Resolume workflow. After you have made the next best effect, you are free to share it with others or compile it and sell it on your own.

What is Wire?

Wire is a programming language for visual design. 
Now, before all you VJ’s out there go mad because you think you are way too cool to code, don’t worry, Wire is easy. 
We designed Wire with our Resolume user-base in mind. 
Wire is easy to learn and should be accessible for anybody who can read from left to right and tie his shoelaces.

Wire works with nodes. 
These are little blocks of code that can be connected with wires. 
This is called patching. 
Patching is similar to those old telephone stations in the 1930’s. 
You are now the operator and instead of patching boring calls through, you are making wicked visuals.

Let's have a look at an example.
Here we are recreating the Colorize effect you know and love from Resolume. 
The Texture In represents the clip the effect would be applied to.

Now this is something you can do in Arena/Avenue already, so why bother with Wire? The nifty thing about Wire is that you can modulate practically everything.
You are working with data now. You are in the kingdom of the nerds now, you can make anything you want!

Using the this knowledge we've made a new Colorize effect that will generate an analogous color palette based on the base color while maintaining the blacks and whites.

How to use Wire

Wire is made to work with other Resolume products.
Both Arena and Avenue are compatible with Wire from version 7.4 and up. 
For the best results, use the latest versions of both Wire and Resolume. 
Additionally, Wire can be used as a stand-alone application for doing installations and multi-media art pieces.

In Wire you make effects, sources and blend modes that you use in your Arena/Avenue performances. Wire gives you the tools to create a patch and run it in Arena/Avenue with interactive elements. You can create sliders, color inputs, triggers and much more in Wire that will show up in Arena/Avenue. Wire supports OSC, MIDI as well as Slices and FFT-signals from Resolume. Wire is your workshop where you create your tools. Arena or Avenue stays your performance tool that you use for your shows.

Here you can see a patch in Wire and it’s representation in Arena.