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2. Compositing

2.6 Rule of Thirds

This video shows how to use positioning to create a pleasing composition.

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  • Claire – 16 January 2017 09:06
    How can I make my grid which is a rule of 4 into a rule of third?
  • bonne – 16 January 2017 14:03
    Good one, Claire. You can't see this in the video, it's done by applying the "slide" effect *after* the grid effect. Make sure set the X and Y size of the Grid effect to 0.66. Now apply the Slide effect and set its X and Y value to 0.17
  • Claire – 17 January 2017 06:48
    Puuuuurfect. And the Slide effect preset has to be on 4D. Thanks for your swift reply!