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5. Performance

5.2 Organizing Content

This video explains how you can keep your content organised efficiently to keep the flow going during a live show.

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  • Iqlakh – 20 September 2016 11:52
    In here i see at 2:24 when a clip is activated from different layer the other clip in other layer is deactivating automatically (NOT OVER LAPPING). how to do that. when layer 3 is being triggered its showing on layer 1 only. please tell me how to do that.
  • bonne – 20 September 2016 12:26
    Sharp notice, Iqlakh! Resolume has so many features, this feature isn't even covered in these pretty complete tutorials :) You can set different "clip targets". This determines where the triggered clip will start playing. In this video, the composition is set to play triggered clips in the *active layer*. You can find this option if you go to the top menu -> Composition -> Clip Target.