Free Resolume Avenue & Arena 4.0.1 Update

We're quite happy with the stability of Resolume 4.0.0. For most people Avenue and Arena are running rock solid. But there's always the odd bug here or there and this update (4.0.1) fixes a few annoyances. Just fixing bugs is no fun so we could not help ourselves and put a few tiny new features in. Just because we can.

The most handy feature ever is that you can now do calculations in all numeric fields. So if you want to make for instance a clip half the width you just type in: 640 / 2 and it will make the width 320 pixels. This is really handy in the advanced output screen if you need to move a slice 10 pixels, you just type + 10 after the position value and it will move. We just love it ;-)

Thanks to Daniel Radutu, Oscar Vaquero Viñes and Ronam Bonfim, Resolume is now also available in Romanian, Spanish, Catalan and Brazilian. Would you also like to translate Resolume? Japanese? Chinese? Swahili? Send us a

Go download Resolume Avenue or Arena 4.0.1. It's a free update as always.

Resolume 4.0.1 Changelog
[NEW] Math in number input fields. SUPER HANDY!
[NEW] Romanian, Spanish, Brazilian and Catalan translations
[NEW] Mask relocate
[NEW] Disable Quit confirmation
[NEW] Automatically detect if OSC msg uses a bundle
[FIXED] Cue points triggering with keyboard broken
[FIXED] Registration only works on one user account
[FIXED] Video speed is not stable, videos drift out of sync
[FIXED] Slider in-out points click area too small
[FIXED] DMX automap PDF contains wrong channel numbers
[FIXED] Windows installer contains old FFGL plugins
[FIXED] Windows installer does not contain VST plugins
[FIXED] Masks can't be dropped from Finder or Explorer
[FIXED] Crash: Open advanced output when it's minimized
[FIXED] Clicking the name of a playing clip in the layer jumps to the layer tab instead of the clip tab
[FIXED] Decks clear after switching between them
[FIXED] When a file used for a mask is moved, Resolume crashes when it tries to use it
[FIXED] Quartz crash with some compositions
[FIXED] Speed/pitch slider does not show midi range in midi mapping mode
[FIXED] Opening a 'closed' deck from a composition causes crash
[FIXED] Shortcut is not cleared when moving clip in composition midi map
[FIXED] OSC stability improvements
[FIXED] Flash animations set to 10x the original speed make the interface very slow
[FIXED] Master fade and cross fader are not properly reset when choosing 'composition new'
[FIXED] Setting range for midi control in clip context is not remembered for other clips.
[FIXED] OS X Dock and Menu overlap fullscreen output
[FIXED] Multiple shortcuts can be assigned in composition map
[FIXED] Shortcut still works even when menu item is disabled
[FIXED] Effect Clip preview isn't working.

Posted by bart on Thursday February 16, 2012 at 14:34
Comment from VJair:

nice one guys - the maths input idea is genius - im surprised ive not seen that idea before!

Comment from olowski:

would be even nicer if we could use osc adresses and math together in input fields.

Comment from Godzil:

Thanks for update, guys. that's was just in time ;)

one question: why FPS indicator disappear from output monitor screen on interface?

Comment from Tschoepler:

VJair wrote:nice one guys - the maths input idea is genius - im surprised ive not seen that idea before!

it's part of indesign and illustrator though they haven't implemented it into photoshop "yet" … c'mon :!:
at least you guys have and here comes the big THANK YOU!

Comment from francoe:

Handy feature? yap, very nice.
But I'm more surprised about the changelog.
Heavy problems has been fixed.

Do you read the fixed stuff guys? That's awesome.

Comment from Basic:

francoe wrote:Do you read the fixed stuff guys? That's awesome.

always. thats one of the best parts :) im still on version 3.

Comment from francoe:


Where's the 'Mask relocate' thing? I can't find it!
Is an effect, a panel...

I've installed right now the 4.0.1 to give it a try. So the first thing I tried is to make the old cachè effect of a circular iris moving on the screen.
This is what I want to achieve:

-A Clip with Transform capabilities (I need to change his scale and position)
-A Circular Mask over the clip (a fixed mask, not changing with the clip properties).
-Move all over X/Y axis of the comp.

I tried all the stack combinations, but the Transform seems to be the same for the clip and layer. Like in R3 pipeline. I only can make it work stacking at the end a plugin called FRParameter (or using the comp parameters, but that close the posibility of make 2 moving masked clips).

Godzil wrote:one question: why FPS indicator disappear from output monitor screen on interface?

Yes, is dissapearing here too. Sometimes is overlayed in the Output Monitor as expected, sometimes you need to expand the preview monitor to see it. Is that right?

Comment from Joris:

Mask relocate is a file manager feature. It only shows up when a file used for a mask has gone missing.

For what you want to achieve, you need to transform twice (step 1 and 3) so it makes sense that you would need the FRParameters plugin, or do it on the composition.

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