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6. External Control

6.2 MIDI Controllers

This video shows how you can use a midi controller to control Resolume and explains the difference between deck and layer focus.

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  • Erik – 24 August 2017 20:46
    When mapping in Deck focus is it possible to map all the clip slots, then map the deck buttons in a way that the decks change but the buttons to trigger said slots stay the same?
  • suresh – 03 November 2017 20:15
    Same question is that possible to change the decks using same botton (Not the composition only the Deck optision) or is it updated in resolume 6 arena
    • Daniel – 07 November 2017 10:31
      Hey Suresh, Within Resolume 5 you are unable to use one button to switch decks. Might be possible with a third party software like bomes midi translator. However, with Resolume 6 you are able to select previous and next comp as a midi input.
  • Giovanni – 24 December 2017 19:27
    Guys, you recommend that the best controller it's the APC40MKII and in this video you have a xone? It does it make sense. Anyone can help me to set the layout on my apc 40 MKII? Thank you.
    • Giovanni – 24 December 2017 21:08
      It doesn't. I meant.
    • Joris – 27 December 2017 12:45
      No worries, Giovanni. You can use your APC exactly the same way as the Xone is used in the video. And if you're looking for a starting point on how to use your APC, Resolume comes with a MIDI preset especially for the APC40Mk2.