Resolume 7.2.0 Released! Clip Renderer, Recording & Conversion Improvements, 2 New Effects

With version 7.2 we're making Resolume a bit more useful for content production rather than live performances because ... well you know why. So you can now render clips to file with Resolume. Record straight to DXV or ProRes. And Alley can now convert to ProRes and Motion JPEG. Prores video playback is much improved. There are 2 news effects: Pixel Blur and Bloom. And the interface text is now rendered with the Noto Sans font.

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Clip Renderer
To make Resolume a bit more useful in your studio for creating content rather than live shows you can now render your clips to disk! Go crazy with sources, shapes, text, add as many effects you like and when you are happy with the result you can render it to a file and share it anywhere you like. Check it out. You'll find it in the Clip menu: Render to File. Read all the instructions in the Clip Renderer support article.

Recording Improvements
You can now record straight to DXV 3 or ProRes and it will record at the frame rate set for the composition. All versions of DXV 3 and ProRes are supported so this means you can now preserve alpha in your recordings when you use DXV 3 Normal or High Quality with Alpha or ProRes4444. You'll find these settings in the new Recording tab of the Preferences and we updated the Recording support article with instructions.

ProRes & Motion JPEG Conversion in Alley
Alley can now not only convert to the DXV 3 codec but thanks to a licensing deal with Apple, Alley can now also render to all flavours of ProRes on both macOS and Windows. And we also added good old Motion JPEG conversion.

Improved ProRes Playback
Playback of ProRes encoded video files is now much much faster so you can actually VJ in pristine image quality using ProRes.

New Effects: Pixel Blur & Bloom
The standard Blur effect in Resolume is built for speed but to do this it needs to sacrifice some image quality. Most of the time it's good enough but sometimes you just want a pixel precise blur just like you have in Photoshop. Resolume now has a picture perfect blur and it's called Pixel Blur. Check it out, it's gorgeous but not as fast and the standard Blur so choose your weapons wisely.

To make a Bloom effect you need a pixel perfect blur and lo and behold, we have this now so we also created a Bloom effect, just because we can. No not just because we can but because it makes your footage look all nice and glowy on the outside, and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

NDI Updated to version 4.5
NDI inside Resolume is updated to the latest version and we managed to fix a few minor bugs so streaming with NDI to OBS should be running nice and smooth.

New Interface Font - Noto Sans
Noto Sans is now used in the Resolume interface. This font supports more characters and has a more consistent look on Chinese and Japanese. The Noto Sans font is also included in the installer so we're not dependent on what macOS or Windows ship with their operating systems anymore. Noto Sans is an open source font made by Google. Thank you Google, we love you, we hate you, we need you.

Fix List
#14108 Groups are lost opening a composition with groups
#14188 External effects set to default preset show "Missing" blend mode
#13977 Menus behave weird with touchscreen
#14030 Denon tracks sometimes are not connected on startup, or when connection to the player is lost
#14033 Denon clips in new deck can get laggy and cause crash
#14045 Crash moving external effect opacity fader on composition before transform with no clips playing
#14061 AV clip in BPM sync flashes random frame hitting resync
#14062 A(V) BPM Synced clip set to "bpm" instead of "beats" mode does not resync and pause.
#14086 Timeline animation doesn't restart on audio parameters
#14104 Param on random, Speed = 0 used to jump around, doesn't jump any more
#14109 Lumiverse output target IP is lost importing ASS preset from Windows v6 to v7
#14110 Assigning additional parameters to dashboard changes dashboard position
#14124 Memory leak with playing clips, switching decks
#14178 Dropdown style multi option selector shortcuts have empty mode on creation
#13887 NDI with 0% alpha between windows machines has artifacts
#14035 NDI naming double space (you might need to reconnect your NDI stream)
#13783 AJA Kona HDMI no worky

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or just go to the downloads page.

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New footage! toomuchlag, VJ Galaxy, Tomika

We welcome to the label toomuchlag, a Swiss motion artist based in London. His first pack OBSIDIAN has a golden, ominous look ideal for chill sets or blasting beats.

VJ Galaxy drops another story telling pack meant to make us feel like nothing makes sense anymore. Check out Dytopia, the story of a world ready to disappear.

Last but not least, Tomika is taking us to the basics. To the ABC of Vj'ing. To the Vj's best friend: the tunnel. Everyone, please meet TUNNELLED.

OBSIDIAN by toomuchlag

phpBB [video]

Dytopia by VJ Galaxy
phpBB [video]

phpBB [video]

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We’ve Extended All Resolume 7 Licenses With 3 Months For Free

As you all know due to the coronavirus the whole events industry is flat on its back right now. We’re now 3 months into this and it’s still unbelievable that something so catastrophic could happen to all of us at the same time all around the world.

Live-streams and virtual stages or even drive-inn raves are OK for now but it’s not the same. This is not why you became a VJ. You want to be at a show, big or small, in front of a live audience to enjoy the music and provide the live visuals. We were not born to stare at a little screen all day, we want to go out and experience real life.

Of course Resolume is also hit by this. Our software and footage revenue is at an all-time low, but, we’re all working from home and Resolume development is continuing. We know many of you are hit way harder and some of you have literally not done any gigs since March. This is why we want to share the pain and try to help where we can. We’ve extended all Resolume 7 licenses by 3 months for free on July 1st so you do not have to renew your license anytime soon.

We can’t wait for things to get back to normal. Let’s hope we all can start doing what we love again very soon.

Stay Strong,
Team Resolume

P.S. You do not have to do anything to get the 3 months extra on your license. Just start Avenue or Arena on your computer with an internet connection and it will automatically refresh its license. You'll see the new expire date on the Register tab of the Preferences. This also works when you use a dongle to manage your license.

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New footage! Unit44, Kongfoo Motion, RAW Designs

Are we out of the Woods yet? We were just asking the same question as Unit44.

Kongfoo Motion is taking us on an intergalactic travel with the first stop on Galactucity.

And RAW Designs is as romantic as ever, he wishes everyone to make Deepsilk2, not war.

Woods by Unit44

phpBB [video]

Galactucity by Kongfoo Motion
phpBB [video]

DeepSilk2 by RAW Designs
phpBB [video]

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New Feature Voting on the Forum

Resolume is always in development and often we browse through the requests in the New Features section of the forum. We love to learn from the community and see how popular certain feature requests are.

For this reason we've added a vote option in the New Features section. You can now upvote a request topic. This way we get a better sense of the most popular requests in our community. Don't worry that we will only look at the top 3, we're still reading all your posts and your ideas frequently end up on our feature request wall in the office.


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New footage! Tristan Gieler, Ican Agoesdjam, Luminator

Tristan Gieler is back with a delightful sci-fi story. Where did everyone go? And what is pulsing in the Fog and Smoke?
On a scale from 1 to Summer Vibrant how vibrant is going to be your summer? Ican Agoesdjam is predicting a pretty vibrant one, you'll "just" have to get creative about it.
Kinghts guarding the LuCastle by day and illegally raving by night. This is the short version of the story told by Luminator. The rest you'll have to discover yourself!

Fog and Dust by Tristan Gieler

phpBB [video]

Summer Vibrant by Ican Agoesdjam
phpBB [video]

LuCastle by Luminator
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This Friday! Resolume Classroom Live Stream

This friday we'll be doing something new! We're introducing the Resolume Classroom. The Resolume Classroom will be a monthly live stream that takes a deep dive into one specific theme regarding Resolume and VJ-ing.

In this first episode we'll discuss color. From basic concepts like channels, alpha and palettes all the way to applying color theory, color harmony and color effects. Like a real classroom, you'll be able to ask questions as we go.

phpBB [video]

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