New footage! Premade Composition Included

Not that we want to tell you what to do, but we prepared a premade composition that is now available to download at the purchase of Hands and VJSurvivalKit6.

In addition, we released Machine, a pack of 30 stand alone full screen, mad loops. Each loop has it's own charisma and they fit any type of music. We approve.

Hands by Rohan Gopalan

phpBB [video]

VJSurvivalKit6 by Laak
phpBB [video]

Machine by Catmac
phpBB [video]

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Resolume Blog

This blog is about Resolume, VJ-ing and the inspiring things the Resolume users make. Do you have something interesting to show the community?
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We're Hiring! UI/UX Designer | Senior C++ Developer | Product Manager

Picture by Comix
Picture by Comix
We're again growing rapidly here at Resolume HQ because of the release of version 7 and a very exciting new product coming up. We're looking to expand our team and hire a new Product Manager, UI/UX Designer and a Senior C++ Developer. Have a look at our open positions below and apply if you qualify or forward this to anyone who you might think is a good match for our team.

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Resolume Maintenance: 7.0.3 & 6.1.4 Released

We're in full on maintenance mode here at Resolume HQ to make sure v7 becomes just as stable as v6 as soon as possible. Unfortunately a new major release (like 6.0.0 and 7.0.0) usually comes with a few bugs because they contain a lot of new code and have not yet been road-tested as much. Please keep sending us your feedback on and send in crash reports so we can fix them as soon as possible. This is our top priority right now.

Resolume 7.0.3
Resolume 7.0.3 fixes a lot of bugs and some crashes that were occurring, especially when switching decks. Denon StageLinQ network connection is now much more robust and compatible with the Prime 4. This version is compatible with FFGL 2.1 plugins which has a few improvements so plugins can be made more user friendly. All our macOS installers are now notarised by Apple to ensure a smooth installation on macOS 10.15 Catalina.

Resolume 6.1.4
While working on bug fixes for v7 some bug fixes were easy to transfer to v6. So here is an even better version of good old v6: 6.1.4

Checkout the download page or select "Check for Updates..." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update.

Hotfix Monday Sept 30th
If Resolume could not startup on your Windows computer with an AMD video card then please download again. This issue is fixed in Arena 7.0.3 rev66005 and Avenue 7.0.3 rev 65698.

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New Footage! Welcome to the label: Machina Infinitum

We welcome to the label: Machina Infinitum. These guys are taking us to the beginning, when glass was not a lens and a pixel was not yet an image with their first release PainterlyGlass. With WildStyles Laak has the perfect pack for when you need to get weird and wild. Visual Delight brings you sacred loops and perfect animations in PyramidOrbs.

PainterlyGlass by Machina Infinitum

phpBB [video]

WildStyles by Laak
phpBB [video]

PyramidOrbs by Visual Delight
phpBB [video]

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New Footage by Ican Agoesdjam, Laak & Albertus Luki

Here are 3 new footage releases to keep the endless festival season going.

BattleWeapon by Laak is a tank, a craft, a walker, a killer! The invisible is finally being made visible in RedCode by Ican Agoesdjam. GeoStripes by Albertus Luki is flavoured like a pack of bubble gum. Yummy!

Get RedCode by Ican Agoesdjam

phpBB [video]

Get BattleWeapon by Laak
phpBB [video]

Get GeoStripes by Albertus Luki
phpBB [video]

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Resolume 7.0.2: Dongles are taking over

This update fixes an issue, where using a Dongle, the watermark can still appear after 30 days.
#13151 Dongle registration can show watermark after 30 days

We also fixed these other issues:
#13081 Resolume freezes connecting two Launch Pad Pro-s
#13093 OSC int commands no worky for 2 state buttons and checkboxes
#13105 Slice Bypass/solo is ignored if a Video router is playing in the layer.
#12975 Alley's conversion count is off
#12145 Pre-select width, height numbers in Alley conversion settings, when entering the
#13096 Auto pilot with clip on bounce doesn't fire properly
#13080 OSC: /composition/crossfader/phase no worky to control crossfader
#13125 Reveal effect external audio seed - audio analysis broken
#13102 DropShadow Distance param behaves weird
#12897 Slice transform slice bypass stops working in mask mode when toggling half of the sliceswith the same shortcut
#12917 Make Alley do a multiselect when dragging in a folder
#12631 Stripping illegal characters can result in hidden files
#13038 Prores file synced to Denon and SMPTE plays choppy on mac
#13154 Crash on startup with missing midi shortcut target, and controller plugged in

Click on "Check for Updates" in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will update itself or download here.

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Resolume 7.0.1 - No Time to Shave or Shower

Right after a major release we always hope we can chill for a bit and maybe have time to shave and take a shower again. But that is never the case, when many people start using a major new version some issues always pop up that we want to fix as soon as possible.

This version fixes a few crashes. Improves importing version 6 compositions. And on some computers with AMD video cards it could not start-up, this is all fixed with this 7.0.1 release.

Click on "Check for Updates" in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will update itself or hit the download here.

Fix List
#13078 Stuck on splash screen on some machines with Radeon GPU
#13069 Crash when setting a cue point
#12976 Removing a clip makes resolume freeze for a few second (with lots of clip in composition)
#13001 Dropping an AV file to the Video track of an AV clip replaces also the Audio track of the clip
#13017 Can't move a clip that is "overlapped" by a persistent clip
#13053 Line Width not imported correctly
#13054 Envelope not imported from v6 to v7 composition correctly
#13055 Composition Beat Snap not imported from v6 to v7 composition correctly
#13068 Moving clip play position on a paused clip, then playing clip, doesn't update clip audio position
#13073 Cue Points UI does not update when setting Cue Points for Clip that isn't playing
#13070 Crash loading an advanced output preset with fixtures that are not available
#13072 Clip Position Label not updated when Clip is not playing or previewed
#13074 Duration for SMPTE and Denon clips is set to 5 seconds going from v6 to v7 composition
#13057 Some parameter values wrong after importing composition from 6 to 7
#13074 Duration for SMPTE and Denon clips is set to 5 seconds going from 6 to 7
#13092 OSC deck/select int 0 switches decks

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