First footage of 2017: Fabrics

This month it's all about fabrics.

RAW Designs returns from a long hiatus with the smooth DeepSilk:

phpBB [video]

Get DeepSilk from Resolume Footage

Ican Agoesdjam cuts his teeth on CrystalThorn.
phpBB [video]

Get CrystalThorn from Resolume Footage

And Artificially Awake rips the fabric of time and space with his Tunnels:
phpBB [video]

Get Tunnels from Resolume Footage

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Merry Christmas Everybody! (Free Snowy Plugin)

We would like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the entire team here at Resolume. We hope you'll have time to get together with friends and family but if you're working on a show somewhere then give your co-workers a big ol' hug ;-)

To help you celebrate during your show we have created a Snowy effect that renders accumulating snow on all the edges it can find in your footage.

Download Snow FFGL plugin for Mac and Windows.

Have a Jolly Christmas and we'll see you next year!

Team Resolume
Edwin Bart Tim Joris Menno Reinier Bonne Danny Sander Andreas

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New Footage: 4K for Days

The last release of the year, and we're proud to say we got 4K versions of all of them. If these packs are anything to go by, 2017 is going to be huge. Literally.

STV in Motion delivers a banger that hits you in that sweet spot between abstract and palpable, with just a hint of psychedelic.

Get OrnaMental from Resolume Footage

phpBB [video]

WTFlow is a rising star on the label, and his new EssentialSet combines a novel color scheme with slick motion design.

Get EssentialSet from Resolume Footage
phpBB [video]

And Nexus 6 dives deep into the tunnel with HexxaBeats
Get HexxaBeats from Resolume Footage
phpBB [video]

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Taking the World by Storm (Part 2)

Hello all you video junkies. This one's just for you.

It took a while to digest the awesomeness, but Part 2 of "Taking the world by Storm" is here.

So, quick recap?

Gig: Storm Festival, 2016, Shanghai

Epic stage:

Video: 400 square meters of Led, 7.9 mm pitch, 10 processors.

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250K- Taking the World by Storm

Massive rigs.
Immersive content.
Path-breaking stage productions.
What a great time to be alive!

We certainly think so, and our quest for “a big production to dissect” landed us in the eye of the Storm @ Shanghai.

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Thank You for a Fantastic 2016!

We can look back at another great year here at Resolume HQ. Last year around this time we just released Arena version 5 and we have since released 6 free updates. 5 micro and 1 minor update; version 5.1 which adds many new features.

This year we introduced the 2-hour Resolume video course together with DocOptic. We think this is a great way to learn all the ins and outs of Resolume and it has proven to be very popular. It is now fully subtitled in English, German, Spanish and Chinese so even more of you can enjoy it in every detail.

The footage label has also grown considerably this year, no less than 30 new releases! All killer no filler, we think this is the best quality VJ loops available. We'll continue this strict curation of our label and choose quality over quantity.

This year our team has grown from 6 to 10 people strong so we’re truly kicking into high gear now. We have a lot of exciting stuff coming up in 2017 so we’re looking forward to another great year :-)

Now, let's unleash the shopping frenzy! The 50% Black Friday sale is now in full effect. Add anything to your cart (yes anything) and it will be 50% off. The sale ends on Tuesday Nov. 29 10.00 AM CET.

UPDATE: The Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal is now over. See y'all next year!

Picture from Dance Valley, W&W, 250k.

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Footage Releases: Enter3, HuffPuff and FreakShow

We're very happy to welcome Videomaster to the label. His first release FreakShow is monster of metal-ness straight out the mountains of Mordor.

Get FreakShow by Videomaster from Resolume Footage.

phpBB [video]

Unit44 is back with the third chapter of Enter.

Get Enter 3 by Unit44 from Resolume Footage.
phpBB [video]

And VJ Galaxy (the artist formerly known as BluElk) goes up in smoke.

Get HuffPuff by VJ Galaxy from Resolume Footage.
phpBB [video]

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