Resolume 7.3.1: Toggle Clips, Optional NDI PTZ

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New Clip Trigger Style: Toggle
With the Toggle Clip Trigger Style you can click on a clip to start it, click it again to stop instead of the default restart. Click, start, click, stop. Start. Stop. Start Stop. Start. Stop!
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NDI PTZ Optional Options
The Pan, Tilt & Zoom options on NDI cameras are now optional so you can control PTZ externally and Arena will not apply the PTZ when you do not want it.
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#14797 This Deck, and This layer shortcuts disappear after some time, switching decks, or adding layers
#14800 Shortcut mapping group columns selects multiple columns

#14778 Acuarela effect can not be found in composition
#14790 Acuarela destroys alpha channel
#14779 Text renderers render lines with an offset, sizing text moves vertical line center
#14783 Can't shortcut map crossfader
#14785 Cue point set button shortcuts no worky

Fix List
#14374 Prores renders are not recognized properly by Adobe
#14414 Infinite Zoom effect needs a reset button
#14430 This Clip shortcuts show like they are not assigned any more after adding layers, weirdly they still work
#14494 Speed(multiplier) slider of transport can be changed with scroll wheel when mouse is over
#14499 Soft edge parameters should hide when soft edge is off
#14566 Keyboard shortcut in Value mode sets param both on key down and key up
#14624 "This..." Midi shortcuts break after a few triggers in 7.3.1
#14717 Crash loading composition with envelope end point moved from range end
#14730 Crash changing layer/column/clip color via top layer menu
#14731 Crash setting mask effect Image parameter to Timeline
#14733 Crash when dragging envelope end keyframe

Select "Check for Updates.." in the Avenue or Arena menu and it will self-update. Or checkout the downloads page.

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Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2020

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The sale has ended, see you all next year!

Even this year, or should we say, especially this year, we're doing the Black Friday & Cyber Monday discount again. Arena, Avenue, Footage and T-shirts are all 50% off this weekend and Cyber Monday. Come get your discount!

Do you also want discount on plugins for Resolume? Our friends over at Juicebar have some great discount too! Get plugins on

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Plenty of new footage!

Take a tour around the Planets and everything that orbits around them in this neatly rendered pack by FixPix. This time in 4K, Progressions3 by Diana Gheorghiu comes with a series of trippy black and white background patterns. Buckle up for a series of rides, roller coasters, lots of attractions, light arrays, drama and fun in the latest pack Luna Park by Ghosteam

For a more vintage touch with a Chocolate aroma, look for the latest pack by Lior Sadeh Studio. Bulb World is the second pack released by Machina Infinitum and it's like tripping and falling into the clouds. Last but not least, let yourself immersed into the codes of sacred geometry with GeometrikVibes by madvisuals_vj.

Planets by FixPix

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Progressions3 by Diana Gheorghiu
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Luna Park by Ghosteam
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Chocolate by Lior Sadeh Studio
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Bulb World by Machina Infinitum
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GeometrikVibes by madvisuals_vj
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We Need to Talk. Join us on Slack!

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We've been using Slack for our team communications since the pandemic and it has been super handy for us to stay connected. We have now also opened a public Slack Resolume Community where you can all come together and chat. There are various channels for different topics so come in and say hi 👋

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New footage! DVizion, lifeisartstudios, Dan Wise

We welcome to the label the one and only DVizion with his first release CubeCity. lifeisartstudios is definitely a name we are proud to have in our portfolio and Sub-Divided is a pack meant to glam up your screens to the max.
And we are super happy to have Dan Wise back with new footage MoCapMayhem containing motion captured dance moves.

CubeCity by DVizion

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Sub-Divided by lifeisartstudios
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MoCapMayhem by Dan Wise
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Resolume 7.3.0 Released! Start settings for parameter animation, new effects & generators

Version 7.3.0 has start options for parameter animations. You can now determine when a parameter animation starts and re-triggers as well as playing BPM parameter animations out of the global BPM phase. 7.3.0 also contains two new generators; Abstract Field and Tunnelines. A picture in picture mixer (PiP). Two new effects; Acuarela and Tilt Shift. And of course, as usual, a lot of small bug fixes.

Parameter Start Settings
When you set a parameter to animate on a Timeline or BPM Sync you now have some extra options to determine when exactly it is started and re-triggered. What this does exactly is hard to describe in words, but we tried anyway here. It's best shown by example so checkout the video that explains it all.

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Upgraded FFGL to v2.2
With FFGL version 2.2 developers can more easily debug their plugins and group parameters together. All details are on our GitHub repo.

Backwards Compatibility
Compositions saved in version 7.3.0 are not fully backwards compatible with older versions like 7.2.1 This is not usually a problem but you should be aware of this when for instance sharing a composition with others. Once saved in 7.3.0 you should always open in 7.3.0 (or higher).

New Effects & Generators
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New footage! MIKVIZ, FixPix, Micah Buzan

We welcome to the label MIKVIZ with a pack of loops Into The Glow that reminds us of how much we like to be on the bright side of life.
Statues by FixPix is the type of pack you want to have in your collection because it gives you the possibility of creating as many looks as your creativity can handle.
"You can use Morphology Zooms as a stand alone loops or mix and match with other footage", explains Micah Buzan. Well, we believe you, Micah!

Into The Glow by MIKVIZ

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Statues by FixPix
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Morphology Zooms by Micah Buzan
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